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Sherlock Drains are the blocked drain and pipe relining specialists. Plumbing work can be deceptive; where the symptoms and water leaks are, isn’t necessarily the root cause of the plumbing problem, which is why a good plumber will take the time to put on an investigator’s hat and go digging for clues rather than fix what looks obvious and leave you with an ongoing issue.

We are dedicated and committed to going deeper and making sure there isn’t a bigger factor, secondary problem or inherent weakness that needs to be addressed before the problem can really be fixed. Our dedication to each and every property we work on in and around the Parramatta region has earned us a reputation as the expert and reliable plumbers to call to unblock drains and strengthen brittle pipes.

Parramatta has changed a lot in the past 20 years of our plumbing service coverage. We are proud to be part of the new emerging city-within-a-city where we can help professionals and families get their home plumbing sorted so they can get back to their day with as little fuss as possible. 

While a splash-and-dash plumber will repair the outside, we aren’t afraid to get dirty to get to the bottom of your plumbing needs. 

We continue to provide top-quality plumbing services as Parramatta expands and grows and offer helpful advice and competitive prices. Based in the local Parramatta region we can respond to your needs quickly with the latest diagnostic equipment, plumbing tools and parts in our van to ensure that we can tackle any plumbing issue you can throw at us.



Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can occur at any time within your sinks, drains and sewage pipes leaving you with a nasty mess and time out of your day to try to arrange a fix for it. Bigger issues might also be evident outside as well, particularly around downpipes and stormwater drainage areas after a storm. Blockages can occur both suddenly and slowly, depending on the circumstances and what the blockage is made of.

Most people don’t clog their drains on purpose, they simply don’t know how big the consequences of small actions can be. In the kitchen fats and oils can stick to pipe walls and solidify, narrowing the pipe and making a sticky goo for other food particles to get trapped in. In bathrooms, especially showers, long hair can catch and become tangled, making a web for soap, conditioner and particles to congest and clog. 

Being vigilant about stopping matter from entering your drains in kitchens, bathrooms and showers is a great start as well as cleaning catchers out, including underneath the catch plate from time to time. If your drains do become blocked, pay attention to the warning signs such as loud gurgling noises, rancid smells and water that is slow to drain away. Calling a plumber for help early on means a faster and cheaper fix and less time out of your busy day.

As well as unblocking whatever mass is hiding within your Parramatta drains, we take the time to give your pipes a thorough clean with water jets and make sure there are no additional problems or damage to your lining that you need to be aware of. 

Sherlock Drains are committed to uncovering the root cause of drain blockages to provide solutions that work long-term, not a quick fix that will accumulate again in a few months' time. Our plumbers have the training, experience and equipment needed to carry out any job drain unblocking job including tree roots. Regardless of the age or layout of your Parramatta home, we have what it takes to provide solid results at great prices.

Pipe Relining

Older pipes can fail under pressure or become invaded by tree roots. When this happens pipes start to crumble or become brittle. If left untreated, they will collapse entirely and need emergency repair that requires excavation and replacement. While newly laid pipes are PVC with protective lining, older pipes around Parramatta were made of clay, something that is not ageing well. Before you get to the emergency stage, ask a plumber to inspect your pipes and assess their structure. You can beat the collapse and replacement stage by using modern technology to reline your pipes, making them better than new.

Your water and sewage pipes are buried under your home, under your driveway and beneath your backyard meaning that any work that needs to be done to replace them involves bringing in expensive equipment and destroying whatever is above to replace. In days past this was not only messy, time-consuming and expensive, but it also took a bit of guesswork to know where to dig and how much pipe to replace.

Luckily plumbing technology is able to come to the rescue in a number of ways. We can check your pipes with fibre optic cameras (yes the same ones they use in spy movies) to accurately gauge the current condition of your pipes and pinpoint any damaged areas.

It’s really important that you have someone who is willing to go through your whole drain network, not just fix the first problem they encounter. It’s normal for more than one section of your pipes to experience issues or need attention at the same time so a proper investigation and analysis using inserted cameras and lights. This also gives you an accurate plumbing quote and ensures you won’t need to call out another plumber to fix the same problem again.


At Sherlock Drains we work hard to get the bottom of your cracked and broken pipes so we can apply the right solution. The earlier you catch pipe wear and damage the quicker and easier it is for us to repair it, saving you time and meaning you don’t need to relay your garden or paving.




What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say...

Joel Ahern

These guys are the drain kings. We use them regularly and have never let us down. In an industry full of average these guys are at the top of their game.


Ever need a plumber instead of donkeys charging you through the roof? Check this guy out honesty and quickest response especially at this hour of the morning. Highly recommended.

Bryce Larkins

If I could give 10 stars I would! Corey turned up on time to unblock our drain. Very professional, well priced and explained what was going on really well. Totally recommend Sherlock Drains, they know what they are doing.

Nikki Enright

Great service. Came out quickly to help us out on the weekend.

Jake Graham

After 2 failed attempts with other plumbers, Corey turned up within half an hour of calling and cleared our blocked sewer drain in less than an hour. His knowledge of plumbing is matched by his professionalism and great customer service. HIGHLY recommend.

Tenneille Spencer

I can highly recommend Sherlock Drains... Excellent service and advice provided by Corey. The boys were punctual and personable and clearly a very organised and experienced team. Their workmanship is exceptional and went above and beyond to fix the issue. Always a pleasure engaging with local business people who take pride in their work. Thank you to Corey and team.

Kathy Moylan

I would gladly recommend Corey from Sherlock Drains. We had used him a couple of time and we have been impressed with his fine eye for detail in doing the job right. 4 Stars🌟🌟🌟🌟 to Corey for : Punctually, Communicating, Workmanship and a no problems can do attitude.

Greg Rider

Very quick response time and quality of work was excellent.

Stacey Kirkpatrick

Corey and his team were super efficient, informative and clear on the options we had to rectify our problem and were incredibly thorough in their work.

Could not recommend them enough for their professionalism and expertise in making sure we were satisfied with their work. An added bonus that they loved our dog 🙂 Best plumbing company around.

Rory Purser

Corey was great to work with, from the initial phone call to arrange an appointment, a quick site check on the day and breakdown of costs before work begun, and all finished within his estimated time for a great price. highly recommend sherlock drains.

Stacey - Rockdale

Corey and his team were professional, patient and clear on all of the options available to solve our storm drain problems.

They were incredibly thorough and kept us informed of all works to be completed. An added bonus that they entertained and engaged with my dog! Will only use them in the future.

Ron Pajor

Corey solved & fixed a plumbing problem that had already been classified as a major job.
Highly recommended !

Paul Vella

This guy is the best in the business! Very knowledgeable in the trade with honest pricing!

Judi Hammond

Professional service, on time honest and reliable.

Mark - Bonnet Bay

Corey was great. Very polite, very knowledgeable and talked us through the process. He was prompt and communication about booking was great. Definitely recommend.

Lauren Hoggett

Prompt and friendly! Thanks guys, great work 👍

Ian Twine

Would recommend these guys every time! On time, friendly, but best of all on budget and a great job. (and they loved our annoying dog who must of dropped her ball at their feet 50 times!)

Bradley Smith

Corey from Sherlock Drains was recommended to me from a friend. Best service from a plumber I have ever had. He was on time, great communication. Solved the problem fast. Thanks Corey

Laurent - Rozelle

I was very happy with Corey and his work. His approach to fixing the problem was well considered and he thoroughly explained what he was attempting to do. I would recommend Corey and Sherlock Drains.

Kendle Richards

Corey is prompt, professional and great at his job. His communication is brilliant and he really is a great guy.

Amee Harley

Highly recommend Corey, very prompt with coming out to our property and fixing what we needed done. Very happy with Sherlock Drains service - Thanx Corey

Rachel Mercuri

Corey did a great Job and was very easy to deal with! Communication was excellent from start to finish.We would definitely use him again and highly recommended him to others.

Ben - Riverwood

Corey answered my query within minutes, came on time, was tidy with impeccable customer service and fixed the issue quickly and professionally. He even spotted a few other issues and sorted them out too without charging extra. Would recommend to anyone.

Vicky Thai

Outstanding customer service, friendly & approachable, enquiries were answered promptly, very clear & to the point about what work needed to be done. Quality of workmanship was excellent, very neat installation with high attention to detail.
Cleaned up after themselves, went above & beyond to make good the work site after the install was complete. Overall a fantastic experience all the way through from initial site visit to job completion. Very happy customer - would highly recommend Sherlock Drains & definitely keep them in mind for any future plumbing work. Thanks!

Maria Moore

If you are looking for an excellent, knowledgeable, honest and reliable plumber that gives 120% to his profession look no further than Corey from Sherlock Drains. Corey was able to diagnose the cause of water hammer in my pipes in minutes over the phone and was spot on. (I had another plumber come to site and told me I needed to cut holes in walls to secure pipes and replace all taps to fix the problem quoting over $800!)
Corey did a pressure test of the mains changed the washes and services the taps for less than half the first quote I received!!! When asked, he kindly checked out other plumbing issues in the house, made his recommendations and quoted these jobs but was in no way pushy to get the work done. He was more than happy to work within by budget on that day. Corey explained every step of the work to be done and why. He worked quickly and cleaned up after. Best of all Corey and his nephew were both super friendly guys and a pleasure to meet. I cannot recommend Sherlock Drains more highly.

Richard - Petersham

Corey was able to fix the simple problem other plumbers could not. The cost was very reasonable and they were well prepared to work clean and also leave the site clean. If you need a plumber who will give you good feedback on your service seeking request, is accurate in their assessment before and during the job then look no further. Sometimes a larger plumbing business isn't the right solution.

Peggy Wynne

Cory is not 5 star... he is 50,000 stars...the complete package!!!!! Totally brilliant!

Hannah - Surry Hills

Cory from Sherlock Drains was very friendly and practical. He helped me save a lot of money by chasing Sydney Water to get them to fix the part of the issue that was their responsibility - even though it meant forgoing some of his own fees. Excellent customer service. I would hire them again.

Brittany Woodford

Corey and his team are reliable, trustworthy, and friendly. There work is efficient and well-priced - and they seem passionate about what they do! I can't recommend them highly enough.

Karen Sheary

Woke up this morning to a river of sewer flowing through our backyard. I called Sherlock Drains and they attended within the hour as promised and solved the problem. They explained what they were doing in great detail and provided a permanent solution. Sherlock Drains are true blocked drain specialists. To top it all off they cleaned up and disinfected the area!

Rob McFarlane

Corey is outstanding. Absolutely reliable for turning up when he says he will, and completing the work within the stated time. Prepared to travel all over Sydney (we are actually in the Blue Mountains!). Offers a service most other plumbers can't: highly specialised equipment that delivers a great outcome of lining, rather than digging up and replacing, complex twists and turns.

Joanna Zhou

Corey is a STAR plumber! He is professional and friendly! He shows up on time and he quickly gets to the bottom of the problem from his experience. He also provided a number of suggestions for me to choose so I felt that he really looks after his clients! Also highly recommend him because of his transparency from the very start, no nasty surprises in terms of the pricing!

John - Annandale

Not the cheapest but they couldn't have been more knowledgeable, professional and polished. After a series of disappointments with tradespeople, I'm really pleased I paid a bit extra and gave them the job.

Justine Lindley

Corey came out to our house promptly within the hour and quickly got to work unblocking our pipes which had tree roots blocking them. Corey also consulted us on our toilet system and told us a money saving way of fixing it. Would not hesitate to use Corey at Sherlock Drains again.

Dylan Cope

Corey from Sherlock Drains is a breath of fresh air when it comes to plumbing! Not only is he experienced and provides quality work but his passion about what his doing is awesome! We had a terrible ongoing drain issue and tried a couple of different companies that did not fix the problem. We finally got onto Corey and the issue was fixed and the process explained clearly! Could not be happier! Thanks Corey.

Lauren Russell

Quick response, fair pricing, knowledgeable, and friendly service. Thank you Corey!

Melinda Wade

Sherlock Drains were easy to contact and communicate with, turned up on time, and Corey completed the job in a friendly and professional manner.

After having a number of poor experiences with tradies who just don’t turn up or tell you what is going on, it was refreshing to deal with these guys. Would absolutely recommend Sherlock Drains.

Paul Snape

Had 2 other plumbers come to unblock my drain unsuccessfully. Sherlock Drains came out on short notice and unblocked it in half the time as previous plumbers. A bit more expensive but well worth the money, highly recommend 👍🏻

Sheryl Zhu

Corey is a specialist in Drains. He is efficient, friendly, knows what he is doing and gets job done on time. He has helped us to locate the storm water pipeline within the easement and provided us the report of pipeline specifications per builder's requirement. The job is a complex and involves various talks with neighbours around.

Corey is a good communicator, he gives clear instructions and helps get information from the neighbours. Boy, Corey turns a painful process into such a smooth solution! I would recommend Corey to families and friends.

Richard - Marboura

Corey from Sherlock Drains called me immediately after I posted the job, explained in plain English what my options were, and was on site, as promised within the hour. Honest and professional, Corey got the job done, keeping me informed along the way. He even did some extra work, just to make sure the job was done properly.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sherlock Drains for your plumbing needs - if you were like me and completely bewildered as to who to choose for your plumbing job, then your search is over.

Michael Xie

Had a blocked toilet. Had another plumber come and did water jetting plus paid for camera , which sort of fixed the problem (front toilet cleared). Quoted to come back to fix the boundary trap vent that blew up from the blockage.

Corey offered to come and give 2nd opinion for free and finished the blockage part and fixed the damaged pipes for less than 1/2 of the other guy. It's being a costly day for me but still glad found Corey who completed the job and a honest, efficient plumber. Much better in contrast, having 2 plumbers attending on the same day for the same blocked drain. Also cleaned up everything even the pile of **** where the pipe blew up. Very professional.

Louella Kirpalani

Corey and his team are reliable, especially when fitting in their work around other tradesmen. Their work is top quality and I relied on Corey’s advice and knowledge, which saved me effort and time. Renovation can be stressful but Corey’s personable character made the project a pleasure.

Jo Moore

The staff at Sherlock Drains were super helpful with our leaking pipe they attended in a timely manner and we’re extremely professional. They explained in detail what work was required and carried out the work efficiently. I would highly recommend this company and it’s Staff and wouldn’t call anyone else in the future.

Max Mannix

Recently completed a job for me, outstanding service and price would highly recommend the team at Sherlock Drains.

Alyssa Earley

Exceptional Service ! Explained the issue and professionally addressed instead of the “quick fix” .. Cleaned up after themselves also.. Highly recommend for all your plumbing needs - thanks Corey.


First class and Professional operation.
Corey has done numerous large separate jobs for me now with his high quality top grade equipment, his passion and expertise makes short work of very tough jobs.

He has been on time, fair, reasonable, very respectful and by far the best man for the job I’ve come across in the industry.
He has even organised Sydney Water for me to finish of a big job that has helped me big time. 
Strongly recommend Sherlock Drains to anyone in need of pipe work they’re easily the best!

Mer Gee

Corey and Callum came out for a “little” job that turned into a major event. They went to work, weaving their magic and fixed everything! Everything! I use and have used Sherlock Drains for all my plumbing needs for a long period of time. Corey always responds to my messages, texts and phone calls in a calm and decisive manner. I couldn’t be more grateful guys. Thank you so much.

Michael - Ashbury

Great service by Corey, went the extra mile trying to find a solution for our stormwater drain. Very informative giving us multiple options for us to choose from going forward, Highly recommended.

Ben - Tempe

Very communicative outfit that was interested in working through with me the exact type of job I wanted and gave me the right price for the work I wanted.

Liz Cayless

Need a plumber? Don’t look any further! Corey was timely, informative, very friendly, honest and respectful. His professionalism and thoroughness along with all the plumbing “does and don’ts” (what to look out for and how to care for our household plumbing) were invaluable.

Thank you Corey for allowing me to finally be at peace that I’ve found our permanent plumber!! Till next time... 👍🏼👍🏼

Jimmy - Clement

Corey is a nice and fully equipped plumber. He carried out the high pressure jet blasting with cctv inspection and solved the blockage of the drainage straight away. I am happy to see the result. Will hire him again. Fully recommended. 

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